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List of All Town Committee Officers

Updated on June 1, 2019

    • Chairperson: Scott Mounce,

    • Chairperson: Mike Webb,
    • Vice Chair: Robert Casimiro,
    • Secretary: Joanne Webb
    • Treasurer: Faye Daley

Cape Elizabeth
    • Chairperson: Tim Thompson,

    • Chairperson: Elaine J. Heuiser,

    • Co-Chair: Josh Filler
    • Co-Chair: Cathy Nichols,
    • Secretary: Will Armitage

    • Chairperson: Ron Holley,
    • Vice-Chair: Chester Lunt,
    • Treasurer: Joyce Clarkson-Veilleux,
    • Secretary: Josephine Holley,
    • CCRC Voting Member: Mark Winter,
    • CCRC Voting Member: Jay Finegan,
    • CCRC Voting Member: Josephine Holley,

    • Chairperson: Alison House,
    • Vice Chair: Jim Means,
    • Treasurer: Vincent Grassi,
    • Secretary: Marilyn Amoroso,
    • CCRC Voting Member: Allison House,
    • CCRC Voting Member: Jim Means,
    • CCRC Voting Member: James Beardsley,
    • CCRC Voting Member: Mike Quatrano,
    • CCRC Voting Member: Aaron Chadbourne,
    • CCRC Voting Member: Bill Benson,
    • CCRC Voting Member: Ben Hartwell,

    • Chairperson: Peter Falkenberg Brown,
    • Vice Chair: Natalie Edmiston,
    • Secretary: Jack Wibby,
    • Treasurer: Dick Wood, no email
    • CCRC Voting Member: Elaine Szendrei,
    • CCRC Voting Member: Laurence Szendrei,
    • CCRC Voting Member: Cliff Foster,

Long Island
    • Chairperson: William Overlock,

New Gloucester
    • Chairperson: George Colby,
    • Vice Chair: Diana Thurston,
    • Secretary: Steve Libby,
    • Treasurer: Amy Arata,

    • Chairperson: Josh Kelton,
    • Immediate Past Chair: Peter Doyle,
    • Secretary: James Roberts,
    • CCRC Voting Member: Mark Kilburn,

    • Chairperson: Marshall Bullock,
    • Vice Chair: Joe Bruno,
    • Secretary: Mike McClellan,
    • Treasurer: Greg Foster,

    • Chairperson: Heather Sirocki,
    • Vice Chair: Peter Morin,
    • Treasurer: Thea Nelson
    • CCRC Voting Member: Josh Dunlap,
    • CCRC Voting Member: Peter Morin,
    • CCRC Voting Member: Thea Nelson,
    • CCRC Voting Member: Eric Rosenblatt,
    • CCRC Voting Member: Blake Bradbury,

    • Chairperson: Jim Libby,
    • Vice Chair/CCRC member: Ed Fitzgerald,
    • Secretary/CCRC member: David Sawyer,

South Portland
    • Chairperson: Kandi-Lee Hoy,
    • Secretary: Jim Hoy,
    • Treasurer: Michael Pock,

    • Chairperson: Greg T. Sirpis
    • Vice Chair: Chris Coffin
    • Treasurer: Pat Frechette
    • CCRC Voting Member: Lester Ordway
    • CCRC Voting Member: Will Hamilton
    • CCRC Voting Member: Linda Newbegin
    • CCRC Voting Member: Erik Christensen

    • Chairperson: Betty Dyer,

    • Chairperson: Phyllis Hall,
    • Vice Chair: Gary Plummer,
    • Secretary: Sheila Corey,
    • Treasurer: Sandy Tyler,

    • Chairperson: Sam Eddy,
    • Vice Chair: (vacant) -or- Bill Gardiner,
    • Secretary: Ron Sawyer,
    • Treasurer: Ross Babcock,


Next CCRC General Meeting

What: October Monthly Meeting
When: Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - 6:30 p.m. Social Time / 7:00 p.m. Business Meeting
Where: Orr's Island Schoolhouse, 1579 Harpswell Island Rd, Orr's Island, Maine

All Republicans are welcome!


Lewiston: Fight for Trump Rally and Press Conference
Where will Jared Golden side on impeachment? With the Far-Left or with his own constituents?
Businesses Learning from Businesses
How to comply with NEW LEGISLATION
that affects your EMPLOYEES and your BOTTOM LINE
Free Speech, Hate Speech, & Censorship: Winning the 2020 Elections
As a conservative have you been censored online or anywhere else? Have you self-censored your words to avoid being called a bigot or hater? Are you worried about what censorship might do to the 2020 elections? If so, you need to attend this very timely and informative program!
Cumberland County Golf Tournament
Join the Annual CCRC Golf Tournament!
$100 per golfer includes golf, cart, breakfast, and lunch

May 8, 2019 Public Speech: The Immigration Crisis on the Southern Border
3/28/19: Homeland Security Nielsen:
Immigration System in “system-wide meltdown.”

1. Should the Mexican border be completely open like the border between Maine and New Hampshire, so that millions can immigrate at will into the United States?

2. Should we ignore the border crossings of drug traffickers, MS-13 gang members, and jihad terrorists?

Election Races

KC (Kevin) Hughes for House District #45 (Cumberland and Gray)