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List of All Town Committee

This page will be updated after all of the towns have had their 2020 caucuses.

Last Updated on June 1, 2019

    • Chairperson: Scott Mounce,

    • Chairperson: Mike Webb,
    • Vice Chair: Robert Casimiro,
    • Secretary: Joanne Webb
    • Treasurer: Faye Daley

Cape Elizabeth
    • Chairperson: Tim Thompson,

    • Chairperson: Elaine J. Heuiser,

    • Co-Chair: Josh Filler
    • Co-Chair: Cathy Nichols,
    • Secretary: Will Armitage

    • Chairperson: Ron Holley,
    • Vice-Chair: Chester Lunt,
    • Treasurer: Joyce Clarkson-Veilleux,
    • Secretary: Josephine Holley,
    • CCRC Voting Member: Mark Winter,
    • CCRC Voting Member: Jay Finegan,
    • CCRC Voting Member: Josephine Holley,

    • Chairperson: Alison House,
    • Vice Chair: Jim Means,
    • Treasurer: Vincent Grassi,
    • Secretary: Marilyn Amoroso,
    • CCRC Voting Member: Allison House,
    • CCRC Voting Member: Jim Means,
    • CCRC Voting Member: James Beardsley,
    • CCRC Voting Member: Mike Quatrano,
    • CCRC Voting Member: Aaron Chadbourne,
    • CCRC Voting Member: Bill Benson,
    • CCRC Voting Member: Ben Hartwell,

    • Chairperson: Peter Falkenberg Brown,
    • Vice Chair: Natalie Edmiston,
    • Secretary: Jack Wibby,
    • Treasurer: Dick Wood, no email
    • CCRC Voting Member: Elaine Szendrei,
    • CCRC Voting Member: Laurence Szendrei,
    • CCRC Voting Member: Cliff Foster,

Long Island
    • Chairperson: William Overlock,

New Gloucester
    • Chairperson: George Colby,
    • Vice Chair: Diana Thurston,
    • Secretary: Steve Libby,
    • Treasurer: Amy Arata,

    • Chairperson: Josh Kelton,
    • Immediate Past Chair: Peter Doyle,
    • Secretary: James Roberts,
    • CCRC Voting Member: Mark Kilburn,

    • Chairperson: Marshall Bullock,
    • Vice Chair: Joe Bruno,
    • Secretary: Mike McClellan,
    • Treasurer: Greg Foster,

    • Chairperson: Heather Sirocki,
    • Vice Chair: Peter Morin,
    • Treasurer: Thea Nelson
    • CCRC Voting Member: Josh Dunlap,
    • CCRC Voting Member: Peter Morin,
    • CCRC Voting Member: Thea Nelson,
    • CCRC Voting Member: Eric Rosenblatt,
    • CCRC Voting Member: Blake Bradbury,

    • Chairperson: Jim Libby,
    • Vice Chair/CCRC member: Ed Fitzgerald,
    • Secretary/CCRC member: David Sawyer,

South Portland
    • Chairperson: Kandi-Lee Hoy,
    • Secretary: Jim Hoy,
    • Treasurer: Michael Pock,

    • Chairperson: Greg T. Sirpis
    • Vice Chair: Chris Coffin
    • Treasurer: Pat Frechette
    • CCRC Voting Member: Lester Ordway
    • CCRC Voting Member: Will Hamilton
    • CCRC Voting Member: Linda Newbegin
    • CCRC Voting Member: Erik Christensen

    • Chairperson: Betty Dyer,

    • Chairperson: Phyllis Hall,
    • Vice Chair: Gary Plummer,
    • Secretary: Sheila Corey,
    • Treasurer: Sandy Tyler,

    • Chairperson: Sam Eddy,
    • Vice Chair: (vacant) -or- Bill Gardiner,
    • Secretary: Ron Sawyer,
    • Treasurer: Ross Babcock,


Next CCRC General Meeting

May Meeting: via ZOOM or Dial In Phone
Tue, May 19th, 6:30 social, 7:00pm Meeting.

RSVP BY NOON ON MAY 19 IS NECESSARY TO JOIN! Please email Ellie at with your name and address so we can send you a link to the zoom meeting. The link will have information for both computer access or access by phone if you do not have a computer.


Lincoln Club Dinner with Senator Susan Collins as Keynote Speaker, Fri, 2/7/2020
Event: Why Socialism Would Destroy America’s Economy & Freedoms
Lewiston: Fight for Trump Rally and Press Conference