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Judiciary Committee

Public Hearings THURSDAY May 6   9:00 AM

LD 926 "An Act to Ban Males from Participating in Women's Sports"



Representative O'CONNOR of Berwick.
Cosponsored by Representatives: DUCHARME of Madison, GIFFORD of Lincoln, JAVNERof Chester, MORRIS of Turner, ROCHE of Wells, RUDNICKI of Fairfield, STEARNS of Guilford, WADSWORTH of Hiram


This bill prohibits any student from joining or participating in an interscholastic or intramural athletic team or sports activity sponsored by an elementary or secondary school or postsecondary institution that is designated for "females," "women" or "girls" except for students of the female gender. A student prohibited from joining or participating in an athletic team or sport activity on the basis that the student is not a female may dispute the denial to the Commissioner of Education with a signed statement from a physician stating that the student is a female based upon the student's internal and external reproductive anatomy and naturally occurring level of testosterone and an analysis of the student's chromosomes.

Suggested Testimony:

Dear Members of the Judiciary Committee,

Please vote “yes” on LD 926 and keep our young women safe and accurately represented in their athletic endeavors. Competing against larger biological males who statistically have more mass and muscle is extremely unsafe for our young women. Furthermore, this unfair advantage is a theft of scholarship opportunities from women.

We have asked our growing women to stand up for themselves and given them awareness and confidence to compete in a working world women never before dared enter. Allowing biological males to compete in women's and girl's sports teams will crush the bright spirit and erase the unparalleled progress these valliant women have made in competitive sports.

Some sports do provide equal opportunties for both men and women; equestrian, shuffleboard, badmitton, darts, and certainly many other sports allow for a safe and rewarding experience.

Thank you for considering my testimony and for representing the people of Maine.


LD 1510 "An Act Concerning Informed Consent of Minors' Authority to Release Health Care Information"



"This bill amends the laws governing the confidentiality of health care information to provide that if a health care facility or health care practitioner maintains a minor's records electronically, then the records must be provided electronically to any person who is authorized to access the minor's health care records."


Republican Senator Lisa Keim


This bill is important because in the State of Maine, once your child turns 12 years of age, you no longer have immediate access to their medical records. If you have an online account to see your child's health records, bills, et cetera, at age 12 YOUR access to their online records disappears and if you want to see test results or health records, you have to call and order a copy.  This creates issues when you are waiting for test results and cannot access them immediately.  One person shared their story:
When my minor age daughter told the doctor's office that she wanted to sign a waiver to give me permission to have immediate online access to her health records, we were told that they were unable to do that. 

The way things are RIGHT NOW creates a nontransparent, red tape delay so that parents cannot access immediate health information for your 12 year old child.  This is wrong on so many levels. 

Suggested Testimony:

Dear Members of the Judiciary Committee,

Please vote “yes” on LD 1510 and uphold the parental responsibility for our children's health.
All records of a minor child should be accessible without red tape or delay to a parent and/or guardian.

Thank you for considering my testimony and for representing the people of Maine.


LD 1292 "An Act Regarding the Parental Right to Direct the Health Care of Children


"This bill requires the Department of Health and Human Services to obtain permission from a parent or guardian before placing an infected minor in isolation during a public health emergency. It also prohibits physical examinations, surgical procedures, vaccine administrations and drug prescriptions for a minor without parent or guardian permission, as well as a physician's orders not to resuscitate, to withhold an artificial life-sustaining procedure or to withhold artificial nutrition and hydration. An exception is provided for life-threatening situations or when the parent or guardian cannot be readily located or contacted."

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Next CCRC General Meeting

Our next CCRC General Meeting is on Tuesday, October 19, 6:00 p.m. Social / 6:30 p.m. Meeting. Refreshments in back of room.

New Gloucester Community Center, right behind the New Gloucester Town Hall. 385 Intervale Road, New Gloucester, ME

See Maps Below.

Our speaker for this meeting is Aaron Kregenow,  Deputy Director of the State of Maine for the RNC.

Aaron will describe the initiatives the MeGOP has launched to help municipal candidates in the current election cycle.  The initiatives include blast emails to culled voters, providing Red Dialer access for automated phone dialing and 2,000 free minutes to boot, and assisting with targeted door knocking with the Advantage program.

These tools can be used NOW to get fellow Republicans to the polls and get our candidates into the win column.  So come and bring your candidates!  This information and the training the Maine GOP will provide will not only help our current candidates ---  it will also help everyone be ready for the 2022 elections and get Republicans elected up and down the ballot.


EVENT: Defending America: The Present Threat to Freedom
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