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Education Committee


Public Hearings TODAY Monday May 10 at 1pm:
187 An Act To Require Education about African-American History and the History of Genocide
Students deserve learning choices. However this bill mandates that students take classes that will create racial hostility.


Senator LUCHINI of Hancock  - 287-1515
Cosponsored by Representative TALBOT ROSS of Portland - 653-3953

Suggested Testimony:

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Dear Members of the Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs,

I am writing to oppose LD 187 that instills "white hate" in our society. Students should have a choice in the type of history they learn. Mandating that students take classes on one particular ethnicity and study the "History of Genocide" is a clear step toward the agenda of Critical Race Theory that is being pushed at our country. Maine has been exceptionally welcoming to immigrants and non-whites and there is no reason to push "white guilt' on our students. This emphasis of teaching students how bad white people are is a terrible idea. All history should be taught, and regretfully the list of genocides against all people of color is lenthy and multi-colored.

Thank you for considering my testimony and representing the people of Maine.

Public Hearing Thursday May 13 at  9am:
SUPPORT LD 1640 - An Act To Enact the Campus Free Speech and Free Press Act


This bill enacts the Campus Free Speech and Free Press Act, which applies to state public institutions of higher education, namely, the Maine Community College System, the University of Maine System and the Maine Maritime Academy.  It establishes the right to use the campus of these institutions for free speech activities and prohibits the limitation of expression to so-called free speech zones.  It also protects student journalists and their student media advisors, although it does not authorize or protect expression by a student journalist that violates federal or state law.  It creates a cause of action against a public institution of higher education and its agents, to be filed by the Attorney General or any aggrieved person, for injunctive relief as well as damages.


Suggested Testimony:

Dear Members of the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee:


I am writing in support of LD 1640 and ask that the committee vote in favor of this bill.


We go to college to learn and seek knowledge, and to acquire the skills necessary to think critically, and to graduate as better, informed human beings.  We enter campus grounds—that have historically anchored “the great centers of debate, discussion, and innovation.”  Today, however, there is a growing movement to ban free speech and the liberties we hold dear.  University campuses are rampant with what is referred to as “political correctness” and it is infringing upon our free speech.


Since 2013, research shows that radical activists (students) started to silence views different from their own. They insisted new speech codes be established, and refused to invite certain speakers to campus.  Demands were made for ‘trigger warnings’—a warning to silence anything and anybody they deemed to be “offensive.”  Controversial speech was no longer welcome.  And the students determined the topics to be allowed on campus. This was the beginning of the call for “safe spaces.”


Originally, it was the administration and teachers who silenced speech in universities in an attempt to make everyone feel comfortable. For instance, students of color “profoundly misinterpreted…seeing racial animus where none existed.”  And teachers and administrators failed to address issues truthfully out of fear of protests. This is a sad commentary on our educational system and universities.


Today, we are witnessing the suppression of speech at our Maine universities.


The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), stated that several universities in Maine are in violation of free speech. FIRE “grades policies employed by universities,” and uses a color code by which to rate university policies on free speech. Green indicates the First Amendment is “supported.”  Yellow “indicates the university…has policies that have the potential to restrict free speech.”  And Red shows a university is blatantly restricting freedom of speech.


The “University of Maine,” the “University of Maine at Fort Kent,” the “University of Maine at Presque Isle,” the “University of Southern Maine,” and two additional universities in Maine have all received a “yellow” grade.  Not one university received a Green ranking.


Clearly there is a need for the proposed legislation.  If we fail to act we run the risk of losing free speech and our freedom forever.


I have attached the Congressional Research Service on “Free Speech on College Campuses: Considerations for Congress” for your review.


I respectfully urge you to vote “out to pass” on LD 1640.


Thank you,

Annie Christy



Diversity Delusion, Heather MacDonald, 2018

Maine Wire, William Rolfe, June 4, 2019

No Safe Spaces, Joseph and Prager, 2019




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Testimony received after the day of the public hearing will be distributed to committee members and staff, but it will not be published online.

Work Session WEDNESDAY May 12   10:00 AM

FOR LD 550Resolve, Directing the State Board of Education to Adopt Rules, Prohibiting Teachers in Public Schools from Engaging in Political, Ideological or Religious Advocacy in the Classroom


Are you tired of hearing about your children or others being taught a political, ideological, or religious agenda by school teachers that stifles their voice and makes them feel like they have to hide their opinions and beliefs? Are teachers taking a political side publicly in the classroom by teaching ideologies that clearly have partisan views and indoctrination? This bill needs our support. Please write testimony in favor of this bill and ask committee members to VOTE OUGHT TO PASS! Go to the link and click on public testimony. Enter the day, time, committee, LD #. If you are able to testify in person via zoom, please do. That has the biggest impact. If you cannot, please leave a written testimony in favor of this bill. If you have a personal story to share that shows how this has affected someone you know, please do!


Summary: This resolve directs the State Board of Education to adopt major substantive rules prohibiting teachers in public schools from engaging in political, religious or ideological advocacy in the classroom or from introducing any controversial subject matter that is not germane to the topic of the course being taught, with penalties for violations up to and including termination of the teacher. This resolve requires the State Board of Education to provide written notice of the rules to all affected teachers, parents and students and for teachers to receive annually at least 3 hours of continuing teacher education to instruct the teachers on the rules. Finally, this resolve directs the Department of Education to request professional teacher organizations and unions to voluntarily adopt an educator's code of ethics and professional responsibility that incorporates the rules and that specifically prohibits teachers in kindergarten to grade 12 instruction from using the classroom for political indoctrination.



Presented by all Republicans

Representative CARMICHAEL of Greenbush.

Cosponsored by Representatives: DOLLOFF of Milton Township, DUCHARME of Madison, GRIFFIN of Levant, MASON of Lisbon, POIRIER of Skowhegan.


Suggested Testimony:

Dear Members of the Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs,

Please vote “yes” on LD 550 and Adopt Rules, Prohibiting Teachers in Public Schools from Engaging in Political, Ideological or Religious Advocacy in the Classroom
====add your perspectives====
Thank you for considering my testimony and for representing the people of Maine.


More Information:

From Hon. Lawrence E. Lockman, Maine House of Representatives, 2012 to 2020

"Here's a one-minute video clip of a seventh-grade teacher in Bangor sharing her personal identities with students last fall, including the trauma she experiences because of her "targeted" identity.

Twelve-year-olds are encouraged to "share their identities" -- race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation) -- and then figure out which of those identities are "targeted" (for prejudice or discrimination) and which are "advantaged" (privileged).

This sort of racial and gender stereotyping is now all too common in Maine schools.
LD 550 is in fact a very modest proposal that directs the state Board of Education to draft rules prohibiting political or ideological indoctrination in the classroom. Discussion of controversial issues is welcome as long as the teacher presents both sides of the issue in a fair-minded, nonpartisan manner.
The proposed rules would then come back to the Legislature for approval.
Finally, teachers' unions would be asked to voluntarily adopt an educator's code of ethics and professional responsibility that incorporates the rules.
This sort of racial and gender stereotyping is now all too common in Maine schools."

- source for the above is the

Public Hearing WEDNESDAY May 5   10:00 AM

AGAINST LD 238 An Act Concerning Civics Instruction


The proposed legislation requirements for high school students would include 1 year of History covering: 

"the histories of religious and racial minorities, women and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people--one year or the equivalent in standards achievement"



Representative BAILEY of Gorham
Cosponsored by Senator BAILEY of York and Representatives: CROCKETT of Portland, HEPLER of Woolwich, ORDWAY of Standish, SALISBURY of Westbrook, TALBOT ROSS of Portland, WILLIAMS of Bar Harbor, WOOD of Portland, Senator: WOODSOME of York

Suggested Testimony:

Dear Members of the Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs, 
I am writing to oppose LD 238, An Act Concerning Civics Instruction.  I believe the following topics outlined in the proposed legislation to study the histories of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people should not be a History requirement for high school students. Please vote NOT TO PASS on LD 238. 


FOR (all LDs)

Please ask your legislative committee members to vote in favor, OUGHT TO PASS! Whether you are a proponent of vaccines or not, every family should have the freedom to exempt from vaccines for religious, philosophical, and medical reasons once they are given all pertinent information. Without legal exemptions, many children will not be attending traditional school settings this fall INCLUDING ONLINE because they will be excluded. 


LD 96 An Act To Create Fairness in the Treatment of Students by Retaining Students with Certain Vaccine Exemptions

BILL SUMMARY: Current law allows a student covered by an individualized education plan who elected a philosophical or religious exemption from immunization on or before September 1, 2021 to continue to attend school after September 1, 2021 without being immunized as long as certain statements regarding acknowledgement of the risks and benefits associated with the choice to immunize are provided. This bill extends that exemption to any student who elected a philosophical or religious exemption from immunization on or before September 1, 2021.


LD 156 An Act To Promote School Attendance by Exempting Virtual Public Charter School and Private School Students from Immunization Requirements 

BILL SUMMARY: This bill exempts children who are enrolled in or attend a virtual public charter school or a private school from the requirement that a child must have evidence of immunization to be enrolled in or attend school. The bill also provides that the Legislature is required to enact laws that are necessary to assure that all school administrative units make suitable provisions for the support and maintenance of public schools and the education of every person within the age limits prescribed by statute who resides in the school administrative unit.


LD 833 An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Vaccines by Reinstating Religious Exemptions

BILL SUMMARY: Public Law 2019, chapter 154 removes the exemption from immunization requirements based on religious belief for students in elementary, secondary and postsecondary schools and employees of nursery schools and certain health care facilities. This bill reinstates the religious exemption.


LD 1082 An Act To Improve Educational Opportunities by Exempting Children Who Attend Virtual Public Charter Schools from Immunization Requirements and Expanding Enrollment at Virtual Public Charter Schools

BILL SUMMARY: This bill increases the total enrollment at virtual public charter schools authorized by the Maine Charter School Commission from 1,000 at all virtual public charter schools to 1,500 at a virtual public charter school. It allows a virtual public charter school to expand to serve grade levels beyond the grade levels under the school's initial or renewed charter contract to include grade levels 5 and 6. It exempts children who are enrolled in or attend a virtual public charter school from immunization requirements. It also allows the Maine Charter School Commission to adopt safety protocols for physical attendance by such children at any class or school program.

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