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Lincoln Day Dinner Silent Auction Donations Request

Jan 3, 2022

Lincoln Day Dinner Silent Auction Donations Request

The CCRC is partnering with the Lincoln Club of Portland for
The Lincoln Day Dinner:
Friday, February 11, 2022
Elks Lodge,1945 Congress Street, Portland, Maine.
More details will be sent out soon!

The CCRC will earn ALL proceeds from the Silent Auction. We could do very well from this fundraiser! Let’s get creative and make it happen! We have 6 weeks to get it together. We can do it!

We are asking each town in the County to provide five (5) donations. We are also asking that at least one donation be from a corporate or business donation.

Send your donation list or questions to Karen Lockwood, CCRC Development Chair at or (207) 751-1667.


Do you own a rental/vacation property? Offer a weekend or a week!

Do you have season tickets to a sports venue or play like Ogunquit Playhouse or a concert series? Offer two or four tickets to one of the events.

Do you love to cook? Offer a dinner for four.

Are you handy around the house or have a particular skill? Offer an hour or two or more of your time.

Do you have a particular craft that you enjoy? Like quilting, making jewelry or pottery? Make something to donate.

Are you a published author? Offer a signed copy of one of your books.

Do you have a piece of art that just doesn’t work for you anymore? Bring it in!

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