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MakeShift Coffee House at the Veterans’ Center

EVENT DATE: Thursday, September 27, 2018, 6 – 8pm

Sep 9, 2018

MakeShift Coffee House at the Veterans’ Center (35 Veterans Memorial Drive) in Windham from 6 – 8pm. 

Enjoy free food and music and the chance to win hearts and minds by letting folks know why you are a proud Republican. 

We can’t spread ideas of limited government and individual liberty by staying at home.  This is a great opportunity to spread the word. 


Next CCRC General Meeting

The March 17th General Meeting has been cancelled.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone!


Lincoln Club Dinner with Senator Susan Collins as Keynote Speaker, Fri, 2/7/2020
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Election Races

KC (Kevin) Hughes for House District #45 (Cumberland and Gray)