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KC (Kevin) Hughes for House District #45 (Cumberland and Gray)

~ Republican Seat to GAIN
Election on Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Apr 23, 2019

KC Hughes"KC" Kevin C. Hughes, a Republican from Cumberland, is running against Former Rep. Steve Moriarty, a Cumberland Democrat, in a special election in House District 45 (Cumberland and the southwest part of Gray).

Election Day: Tuesday, June 11, 2019

From KC's Facebook page:

My campaign office is of course is my house! Any and all donations to my campaign are a really appreciated. Checks payable to Hughes for Representative. 250 Greely Road, Cumberland, ME 04021

My platform is simple; based on common sense. Don't spend money on programs you can't afford (or $ the State doesn't have), do NOT increase taxes, reduce mandates on businesses, research EVERY bill completely, be a staunch ENVIRONMENTALIST, focus on healthcare solutions.

I am a MAINE original: I fish, hunt, ski, run, bike and am INVOLVED. While I don't have a political background-I have successfully run two businesses for over 35 years. I've lived in Cumberland for a long time, raised two kids here and I love my town.

Proud to try and help.

Visit KC's Facebook page to stay updated on his campaign and to volunteer.

KC Hughes for 45


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Election Races

KC (Kevin) Hughes for House District #45 (Cumberland and Gray)