Do you get up each morning and think: It’s great to be alive in this beautiful state of Maine? Despite the beauty of our state, and its hard working people, there has emerged an attitude that refers to us as poor old Maine. That doesn’t sit well with me, and it is why I am running for Maine House of Representatives, District 29 – Coastal Scarborough.

Maine has so much to offer. I think it is time for Maine to rise and shine. As a local business woman and freelance writer, I have been listening closely to colleagues, friends, and neighbors.

I believe more voices for Maine’s hard working people and small business owners is needed in the statehouse. As a self-employed licensed health insurance agent, by virtue of my profession and the turmoil of the Affordable Care Act – I was called to action this year to speak up. I wrote letters to my representatives, and they responded. I realized that speaking up can make a difference. Maine’s hard working people need to be encouraged to speak up with confidence that their voice is heard. I would like to be their voice.

My campaign is about a new attitude; a movement, of positive, hard-working people driven to make Maine rise and shine. It’s about inspiring people to get off the dole and get back to work; it’s about building sustainability to get away from tax and spend; it’s about working together to pragmatically tap into Maine’s natural resources to optimize energy, lower costs, and protect our environment. It’s about crafting a budget where educational and infrastructure no longer takes a back seat to bloated welfare programs. It’s about finding common sense solutions to move Maine forward and to change the political environment in Maine away from Washington style gridlock. These changes will put money back in the pockets of Maine people to spend freely and grow Maine’s economy.

When I was asked to run for this seat, I pondered how I could make a difference. Yes -I have a vision, but how do you shift the tide to create real change? My vision requires Maine’s business owners and hard working employees to get involved and excited to revive Maine to the way life should be. The power of Maine is in her people – together, let’s make Maine rise and shine. I hope you will join me in this campaign. ~Karen Vachon


Address: 25 Ocean Avenue, Scarborough, ME 04074

Home Telephone: (207) 883-4715

Cell Phone: (207) 883-4715

E-Mail: Karen.Vachon@legislature.maine.gov

State House Message Phone: (800) 423-2900

State House TTY Line: (207) 287-4469

Representing: District 29 – Scarborough (part)

Committee: Health and Human Services

Party Affiliation: Republican

Legal Residence: Scarborough

Seat in House Chamber: 43

Occupation: Self-Employed Health Insurance Agent

Family: Peter (Husband), 3 Children

Legislative Service: 127th