My wife and I bought the house she grew up in on River Road that her grandfather built back in the 1940s. Once settled in, I made it an immediate priority to get involved in the community. Doing pro bono and volunteer work with the Windham Land Trust, Windham Neighbors Helping Neighbors, and the Windham Historical Society has given me the opportunity to meet a number of people that care deeply about Windham and its residents. These people are all great examples in what it means to serve.

I became interested in running for Maine House shortly after the 2012 elections. During that election season I led an effort to defeat the Windham Town Council’s proposal to put a sewer in Windham. There were a number of design and financing issues that would have resulted in a dollar increase on the mil rate, which would have equated to a $200 per year property tax increase for homes appraised at $200,000. Our education effort helped save Windham’s taxpayers money. That experience, coupled with other local property rights issues has created a strong interest in serving my neighbors in Augusta.

After attending the University of Southern Maine, I became a graphic designer at a number of small and large companies and not-for-profits. Fifteen years later, I am a self-employed creative director with for- and not-for-profit clients throughout New England. Being self-employed gives me valuable insight into how business works, maintaining good relationships, and how big a slice of the pie the State and Federal government takes.

I am an avid outdoorsmen and love to hunt, camp, and hike. I have seen much of what our great state has to offer. This love has brought me to some of Maine’s most remote areas and caused me to serve on the board of the Falmouth Rod and Gun Club where we are focused on helping people become safer, more knowledgeable shooters and hunters.

Although my wife and I haven’t been blessed with children the importance of family is not lost on us. We both grew up in close knit middle-class families with great parents and siblings with whom we spend a lot of time.

Having grown up in the middle-class, I know how important having the means to take care of one’s self and family is. The middle-class must be preserved in Maine and we must increase opportunity for low income Mainer’s to enter the middle class.


Address: 353 River Road, Windham, ME 04062

Home Telephone: (207) 892-6164

Cell Phone: (207) 749-1336


State House Message Phone: (800) 423-2900

State House TTY Line: (207) 287-4469

Representing: District 25 – Windham (part)

Committee: Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

Party Affiliation: Republican

Legal Residence: Windham

Seat in House Chamber: 102

Occupation: Self-Employed Creative Director and Marketer

Family: Sheila (Wife)

Legislative Service: 127th