Eric has been a hands-on Republican activist, organizer, fundraiser, campaign manager and Republican legislative candidate in Maine since 2006. He knows how to train candidates, raise money, generate local support and win elections. He knows the frustration of losing tight elections – meaning he will focus on closing the gaps, getting the extra support and flipping those close contests to Republicans.

He was a delegate to the Maine GOP Conventions in 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012.

2006 Worked on Dave Emery’s gubernatorial primary campaign and served on Kathy Chase’s Wells, ME, House Representative campaign staff.

2008 Was Development Chair, Portland City Committee, a National Convention Alternate Delegate, a Victory Center caller and a State Senate candidate (District 8).

2010 Served as Joe Palmieri’s campaign manager, ran as a State House candidate (District 121), served on the Cumberland County Republican Committee, the Cape Elizabeth Republican Committee, volunteered on the Dean Scontras volunteer staff and also made calls for Scott Brown in Massachusetts.

2012 Worked as a door-knocker for Amy Volk, served on the Cumberland County Republican Executive Committee, helped recruit and train Republican legislative candidates and was a regular, active caller at the 2012 Victory Center in Westbrook.

Eric and his bride Holly are the proud parents of a gorgeous little girl named Margaret, who will be ready to cast her first Republican vote in about 18 years.