Annalee has been involved in Republican politics since she moved to Maine over 40 years ago. She served as Chair of the Scarborough Town Committee off and on for 25 years, served as chair of the Cumberland County Republican Committee, member of State Committee off and on for multiple years as well. She has had the opportunity to attend 3 National Conventions as an alternate delegate, chaired the Scarborough delegation at the Maine State Republican Convention every year having not missed a convention in over 25 years.

Annalee served as Chair of the site selection committee for the 2014 State Convention, a member of the State Party Rules Committee having been appointment as Chair of that Committee for 2017-2018. She was elected twice to the Scarborough School Board and served as chair of that Board for 1 year. She has been a member of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan Committee and Vice Chair and Chair of the Charter Review Commission.

She currently is a member of the Scarborough Chamber Commerce Board of Directors, having served one term as its President and Scarborough Buy Local.